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Simple Tips for Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home

Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home
Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home

Strong and stylish hair can make men look fantastic. But a few of us have a good hair due to many reasons. Better nourishment and care make hair thicker and shiny. Baldness is one of the major hair problems faced by men. Baldness is a situation in which a person has less or no hair on the head it is also called as alopecia. It may be caused by aging, heredity, quick weight loss, trauma, lack or irons, and proteins, etc. Read more to know about Simple Tips for Hair Loss Treatment for Men.

Hair fall issue

it is a typical problem for men nowadays. it is the due to climatic changes, hormonal confusion, usage of chemicals on hair. Due to these reasons hair fall issue become worst.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home

Here are some of the Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home.

1) Keep your hair clean

The very first care you have to do is daily wash your hair with a good shampoo so that it become clean. use shampoo for thinning hair. you can also use

Herbs to cleasen your hairs like amla and shikakai. Take some  these herbs and put them into a bowl of water all the night and use it instead of shampoo in the morning. In this way your hair remains clean.

2) Castor oil

Castor oil is considered as one of the natural remedy for hair loss. castor oil can be used for skin as well as hair problems. The usage is svery simple. pour some castor oil in your hand and gently massage on your head slowly. this activity boost your hair growth and also prevent the hair loss problem.

3) Onion juice

Take some onions grind them well and make a fine juice. use this juice on your scalp and hair. gently massage your hairs, with this juice. The sulphur compunds present in the onion helps in stimulating the blood circulation efficiently. for best results

Mix little amount of honey in the onion juice. Onoin juice also helps in  killing bacteria and fungus from the scalp. you can aslo rub raw onions on the scalp for 12 to 15 minutes for the better results.

4)  Beetroot Leaves

Beetroot Leaves are one of the powerful remedy against the hair fall problem. firstly boil some  Beetroot Leaves in water. boil them till they become soften, then grind them. you can aslo add henna during the grinding process. Now the paste is ready you havre to apply it on your hairs and massage gently.

5) Yogurt

yogurt is a perfect natural conditioner for the hair. it the is best remedy for hair fall. Yogurt is a protein rich food and the protein is also important ingredient for the hair growth and it also prevents the hair loss. Apply yogurt on your head as mask or massage on the scalp for 20 to 30 minutes.

6) Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also one of the best remedy for hair loss or baldness. simply boil a cup of of mustard oil, add four tablespoons of henna leaves in it. Use this mixture and apply gently on your scalp. Message slowly and gently. it is also used with the remians of tobacco. just crush the remain of tobacco. add the crushed powder in boling mustard oil. let it cool down naturally.

Gently massage it on the hairs for better results. So follow these simple remedies and Simple Tips for Hair Loss Treatment for Men at Home.