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Best 6 Ways for How to Remove Dead Skin from Feet

How to Remove Dead Skin from Feet
How to Remove Dead Skin from Feet

How to remove dead skin from feet

Dead skin is a common problem people face during the winter. A fine-grain sandpaper works as a kind of grinder board and throws off the dead rough skin on your feet when they’re especially calloused and dry.  You are helpless to wear your beautiful sandals in the summer because your feet look so ugly due to loss of skin. In this study, we will discuss some best tips for you to know how to remove dead skin from feet in natural and straightforward ways. There are variety of ways to know how to remove thick dead skin from feet.

Factors for dead skin

Dead skin can accumulate on your skin for following reasons.

  • Standing on your feet for a long time which applies extra pressure on your feet.
  • Using soaps that are harsh on the skin.
  • If you are overweight, then your feet have to bear the heavy load
  • Not wearing the right footwear, in women wearing High Heels can lead to dead skin.

1. How to Remove Dead Skin From Feet by using Sandpaper

Following are the some of the steps to remove dead skin from feet.

Step 1:

Apply the coarse side of the sandpaper square to the calloused part of the sole of your foot. Press the Sandpaper firmly and Scrub in a circular motion you have to move this in One Direction only. As you do this, white “dust” will fall from your foot. This is dead skin. Repeat with your another foot.

Step 2:

Blow away the dead skin “dust” and sprinkle your feet with the wet washcloth. Reapply the sandpaper to the base, focusing on the areas that are highly calloused or dry. Rub in a back-and-forth motion on the sides of your soles.

Step 3:

Wash your feet with a gentle cleanser and let them dry. Use lotion liberally to the soles of your feet, and the tops as well. Slide a pair of cotton socks on over your slathered feet and leave them on overnight.

2. Soaking and Pumice Stone

Soaking your feet in the water is not just a great way to relax after a long hard day at work, but it also helps to loosen up the dead skin on your page so that you can Scrub it off and begin a healthy skin. It is the best practice to use this method at night before going to bed.

Things you need:

Here are some of the items you need to make this solution

  • Pumice stone
  • liquid Body soap
  • towel
  • moisturizer

Step 1 : and liquid body soap water and soak your feet:

Fill a shallow tub with warm water and mix some fluid body soap

  • Dip your feet in it for about 20 minutes.

Step 2. Scrub off the dead skin with a pumice stone

  • Use a pumice stone to mildly rub off all the softened dead skin.
  • Take proper care to thoroughly eliminate all the dead skin on and around your heels, as they carry the most damage in the course of daily life.

Do this daily for at least one week to remove dead skin from your feet. Then, extend the soaking-scrubbing ritual once a week to keep beautiful feet.

 3. Vinegar and Listerine

Vinegar and Listerine both have robust exfoliating homes that can help you do away with the tight layers of useless pores and skin to your feet.

A warm water foot soak with vinegar and Listerine will help melt your calluses and unfasten the broken skin so you can scrub it off. It’s fine to carry out this treatment at night before going to sleep.

Belongings you’ll want:

  • Vinegar (exfoliating/skin peeling properties) – ¼ cup
  • Listerine – ¼ cup
  • Warm water – 2 cups
  • Loofah
  • Towel

Coat each foot in paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is frequently utilized in splendor products to moisturize skin. Warm some paraffin in a safe microwave bowl. Once heated, cautiously pour onto a plate, or pan, large sufficient to fit your foot on. Gently region every foot into the wax. Allow wax to harden and place a sock on each foot. Go away it for your toes for the night and peel it off within the morning.

The exact amount wished may also range depending on the scale of your ft. Begin with an approximately ½ cup (118.Three ml) and if this finally ends up not being enough, use a touch greater the following time.

When you peel the wax off within the morning, throw it away in the trash. Try and keep it from falling onto the carpet.

You should purchase socks which can be in particular made for this sort of in a single day treatment if you don’t want to get wax on your regular socks.

4. Oatmeal

Not simplest is it proper for breakfast. However, oatmeal is likewise an excellent preference for treating dry, scaly, and dead skin. This factor allows moisturizing the pores and skin leaving it supple and comfortable. You may even use it as a foot scrub.

Blend water and oatmeal in a box. You may opt to add milk inside the aggregate to melt your skin. Practice the oatmeal aggregate d on directly your toes.

Spread it evenly so that your whole ft is covered with oatmeal. Let it take a seat for at the least 30 minutes then use a foot brush to clean your pores and skin. Wash the grain and put your ft dry. You may repeat this process each other day to make it more powerful.

5. Epsom Salt

This kitchen element is another compelling answer of getting rid of dry pores and skin on your ft. It removes contaminants out of your skin and improves the flow for your feet to make it cozier.

Pour water into a basin and upload the Epsom salt. Dip your feet and soak it in the solution for as a minimum 10 minutes. Let your feet dry and slather on some petroleum jelly to preserve your toes moisturized. Try this time and again for at least three immediately days.

6. Paraffin wax

A paraffin wax is understood to be powerful regarding getting rid of lifeless skin cells. It makes your ft softer by way of preserving the natural oil of your skin. Making use of a paraffin wax in your toes can save you dry, cracked, and scaly skin.

Placed the paraffin wax in your microwave oven and heated it up. Add a bit of coconut oil to the wax then spread at the aggregate at once on your feet. Be careful while smearing it for your pores and skin due to the fact it could be hot at the beginning. Let the wax sit on your pores and skin overnight. Wash it off the next day.

Wash, dry and moisturize your feet

  • Remove the plastic wrap and rinse your feet with fresh water.
  • Gently dry your feet with a soft towel.
  • Apply a thick layer of moisturizer to soften further and moisturize your skin.

The Key to a Flawless Skin

Just comply with any of those steps to enhance your chances of having lovely, wonderful, and silky toes. These domestic remedies are natural, clean, inexpensive, and handy to do. It’ll simplest take 15 to a half-hour of some time. Plus, the results are worth the time and effort.

If you enjoyed this article and discovered it useful, please proportion this tutorial together with your pals. When you have any questions, feedback or recommendations, feel free to drop me a message and that I’ll solution you as quickly as I can.

Final words:

Foloow these simple methods and eat the food to remove dead skin from feet naturally fast. Consume balanced diet and drink plenty of water for better functioning of the body and for it also nourished the skin.Healthy skin means no dead skin so recommed these methods to your family and friends also so that they can remove dead skin from feet in easy ways.


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