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How to Get Rid of Mites Quickly

How to Get Rid of Mites Quickly
How to Get Rid of Mites Quickly

Are you suffering from sudden periods of itchiness all over your skin, redness, and inflammation? Then you might have the problem name mites. That is usually invisible to naked eye. People faced many types of allergies due to mites. People are searching on the internet also for how to get rid of dust mites and how to kill dust mites. Read more to know how to get rid of mites.

What are mites?

Mites are parasites just like lice, and they feast on the dry skin causing intense itching and pain. Dust mites cause a different type of allergies. For each type of mite, you have to adopt a different treatment method. Chemical can be used to kill mites, but if used on pets or plants it is harmful. They affect humans, dogs, cats, and birds. In this article, we discuss how to get rid of mites.

Symptoms of mite problem

Majority of the mites living on the skin is harmful. For example, we have some mites that are not harmful that are by hairs and even on our eyelashes. While other types of mites that are dust mites cause damage to the skin and it has following symptoms.


If you have constant itching on your skin for a long time and also red signs start appearing on the skin, then it is evident that you are under mite attack.


If you have them on your body, they are the clear sign that you have mites because female mites need to tunnel to produce their eggs, so they are the cause. Burrows usually come co-occurred by rashes and severe itching, because human skin doesn’t take it quietly when mites want to lay eggs on it.


In case your skin hardens, dries out and forms crusts, this might mean you have a large number of mites growing on it at the same time.

    Rash People with human mites could have rashes. Their infested skin becomes red. What’s more, they can notice inflamed and pimple-like infections on the skin. This happens because your body develops some allergic response to the secretions of mites.

If you have these symptoms, then visit your doctor or use a home remedy to get rid of mites so that it cannot damage your skin.

How to get rid of mites

Here are the some of the ways for how to get rid of mites.


This is one of the simple solutions to get rid of mites. They usually live in fabrics where they nest, eat and lay eggs. Thus it is clear that you will find them in clothes, carpets, curtains, furniture and in clothes. Vacuuming them regularly so that mites will not grow.

Lower the humidity in your house

You have to make an environment in the home that makes it difficult for dust mites to grow. They usually spread on moisture, warm conditions. Use a good air conditioner or dehumidifier to keep the humidity level at 50 %.

Use cosmetic products

You find a variety of cosmetics in the market which you can use on your skin. They act as mite suppressor. In addition to that beauty products also cure black heads and blemishes thus makes the skin clean and radiant. You can try orange line that is specially designed to kill mites.

Use bed covers

This is also an effective method. As dust mites reside in beds along with the trapped bugs that remain stick to the bed and pillows. One way to prevent this is by changing bed sheets and pillows regularly, but this may be laborious for you. You can only use unique bed covers replace them after a week wash it and then reuse it. Thus dressing rid of the pesky microscopic crawlers.

Dust as often as you can

Mites grow in the dust environment. They nest, eat and lay eggs in such an environment. Dusting regularly and maintaining hygienic habits can help you in killing mites.

Use mineral oil

This is a tip for how to get rid of mites in dogs and other pets. Take mineral oil put few drops of oil in the dog’s ear to get rid of dust mites that tease them. It’s good to know that pets are a lot more affected by mites than we are, especially when it comes to their ears. Therefore it’s essential to know a natural way of how to get rid of mites on dogs. This also runs if you were wondering how to get rid of ear mites in cats or other pets.


Spider is an insect that usually feeds of mites. That is also one of the easiest ways. Just grow some natural population of the spiders in your home under your control. They did not harm human and animal. Thus they eat all the mites, and you will get rid of mites naturally.

How to get rid of clover mites

These mites are reddish brown, and usually, they are not much dangerous to humans or pet animals. However, if you find uncomfortable, we have a solution for you to how to get rid of clover mites. They can easily be seen with naked eye therefore when you find clover mites on the skin you may spray some chemical solutions like the borax mix with water to kill them. Once they are dead from your skin, your skin remains protected which means no more clover mites in your home.

so by following these sinmple remedies you can easily know how to get rid of mites. Keep your body clean, do exercise, eat balanced diet to stay healthy.