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How to Do Burpees in a Right Way

How to Do Burpees
How to Do Burpees

Burpee is a full body aerobic exercise done to strengthen the muscles. Burpees have the worldwide popularity for some reasons. Most people don’t like Burpee exercise, but it has many advantages. This is the one of the craziest and challenging exercise. Here we discuss How to Do Burpees in a Right Way. Fitness guru always recommends this exercise for the better health.

Basic burpee steps

Basic burpee movement consists of five basic steps.

1)    Stand straight

2)    Move down like squat position with your both hands touching the ground

3)    Kick your feet back into the plank position, while keeping your arms extended

4)    Quickly return your feet to the starting squat position

5)    Stand straight from the squat position then repeat.

This exercise is invented by the American physiologist and Ph.D. scholar Royal H Burpee. This exercise becomes popular in the United States after World War 2, and it is adopted as to check the fitness level of an individual. In this article, we discuss in details how to do burpees for beginners in simple and easy ways. 

How to do burpees in a right way

Here are the some of the steps you can follow to know how to do burpees step by step.

    Stand straight, put your weight on your heels and arms at your sides.

    Push your hips back, bending your knees and lower your body into a squat.

    Place your both hands touching the ground in the front of you and slowly shift your weight to them.

    Jump your feet back from the starting position to softly land on the balls of your feet in a perfect plank position.

    Jump your feet back so that they dock just outside of your hands.

    Reach your arms over the head and jump up into the air and clap.

    Get ready quickly and lower back into squat for your next rep.

Burpees exercise benefits

The burpee is full body exercise, and it is one of the best examples of functional fitness. With every new rep, you will work out for your arms, quads, chest, glutes, abs, and hamstrings. After performing this exercise, you feel a little bit different in your legs. Burpees are best for both cardio and strength exercises, and this activity benefits the people in both ways.

Which muscles are built with this exercise?

As this is a full body exercise and it covers both cardio and strength exercises. It strengthens the muscles of your shoulders, arms, back, abdomen butt and legs. But the primary focus is on your quads. Add a push-up routine to get maximum benefits.

So by following this easy steps you can easily know How to Do Burpees in a Right Way. So start this exercise to maintain your health.


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