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Find a Quick Way to Use Laxatives for Weight Loss

Laxatives for Weight Loss

Many people all around the world use laxatives to reduce weight. Laxatives help to speed up the digestion process thus it results in increased bowel movement. There are many best laxatives for weight loss available in the market. More than 47 % of women in the world who want to reduce their weight use laxatives for weight loss. Let’s discuss in details laxatives for weight loss and their side effects.

Information about Using Laxatives

Laxatives are available in the market in the form of pills. These are strong laxatives for weight loss. They are chiefly used to speed up the digestion to avoid constipation. People who usually have constipation problem more often are recommended to use laxatives to improve their bowel movement. Regular usage of laxative is recognized as a severe warning to health because, it expels all necessary nutrients from your body at a faster rate.

Side effects of using long-term laxatives

Following are the side effects of laxatives if you used them for a long time.


Laxatives cause food to be passed out of the body quickly. That results in dehydration and loss of essential nutrient from the body. That person becomes weak and often experience dizziness.

Diarrhea and dehydration

Excessive use of laxative cause diarrhea and d severe dehydration.

Nausea and vomiting

Most laxative upsets the stomach lining. Thus the person feels a lot of nausea and vomiting.

Should we use laxatives for weight loss?

Yes, you can use laxatives to lose weight but in an adequate amount. Infact, a little amount of weight is lost by using laxatives IF you use an excess amount of laxatives it is dangerous for your health. So it is not recommended to use for weight loss. You can try some other alternatives and foods available on the market to lose weight.

Natural Alternate to Laxatives for Weight Loss

following are the natural alternatives to laxatives.


Prunes are rich in vitamin A and potassium. They also work as a remedy for constipation as they regulate the digestion process. Taking prunes rich diets daily and try to take on an empty stomach to keep you away from constipation and also aids in reducing weight fast.


To lose weight drink plenty of water daily. Water keeps you hydrated and boosts your metabolism and digestion processes. Water also helps to remove toxins compounds from the body.


Legumes are rich in fiber, and you should consume it daily in the breakfast to reduce your weight. Since legumes contain a lot of fibers so they can lose your weight quickly.

Beets and Cabbage

Consume salads in your meals such as beets and cabbage. They are a good source to boost the digestion process. You can also use them by making beets juice and cabbage juice and drink it daily.

So consume these natural products and avoid using pills are they have side effects as well.

Do’s for laxatives

Use laxatives when you are using a balanced diet for a short time. Do not use laxatives more than five days to lose weight.
Laxatives are only utilized for the treatment of constipation if recommended by the doctor.
Take rest and sleep well when you are using laxatives to keep your body energized.
Keep your body warm while consuming laxatives.

Don’ts for laxatives

Usage of laxatives become may become an addiction so don’t use them regularly.
For pregnant women, laxatives are entirely prohibited.
Avoid using laxatives on small children.
Never combine laxative with any other medication as it may damage your health.


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