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6 Ways to Relax Your Muscles

6 Ways to Relax Your Muscles
6 Ways to Relax Your Muscles
Ways to Relax Your Muscles
Ways to Relax Your Muscles

Due to continuous workout muscle become tired and tense. So after a workout, we need a rest for recovery. After the long working day, our body needs relaxation. According to research 48% of people regularly lie awake at night and have stress. If you are also wondering the ways to relax your muscles, then you are at the right place. Follow these simple tips to relax your muscles.

Relax your muscles after exercise:

When you stress your muscles during the workout, you create microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. These small tears would heal stronger than they were before if and only if you gave your muscles enough recovery time.

Relaxing or recovering doesn’t mean lying on the couch. You have to take a deep rest to relax your muscles to ensure the blood flow to muscles. This is possible when you are sleeping. So take a moderate sleep to relax your muscles.

Effects of stress on your muscles:

Stress and tension in upper back and neck can cause severe muscle imbalances if you don’t release the tension. Emotional stress can cause more damage and is responsible for chronic muscle tension. Also, environmental stress such as artificial ingredients from processed foods can affect muscle functioning.

Ways to Relax Your Muscles:

Here are the some of the ways to relax your muscles naturally.

1. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to relieve stress and relax muscles. You can contemplate just before going to bed to make sure that your body is completely relaxed. In this way, you became fresh and energized in the morning and also you become stress-free. You can do this every day. It just takes your 20 to 30 minutes and you become relaxed. Use your headphones and an MP3 player then sit comfortably, closes your eyes and this technique will produce a meditative state in your brain. In this way you become relaxed and your muscles are also in the rest position.

2. Warm up

Hot showers, hot baths and hot tubs warm your core temperature. This increases your blood circulation and relaxes you both physically and mentally. One general relaxation overlooked technique is to drink plenty of water after any hot therapy or workout, to replenish water lost due to sweating.

3. Drink water

Staying hydrated will also help to relax your muscles, by keeping the cells supple and by removing toxins from the body. But you have to avoid sugary and carbonated drinks if you need to replace electrolytes and minerals after a workout.

4. Rest

After a workout, you have to take rest so that your muscles relax. You can also add some moving exercises during rest as they also boost your blood circulation.

5. Get a massage

Full body massage can work for your muscles and also relieve tightness in the muscle fiber. During massage focus on deep breathing and be sure to drink lots of water afterward to improve to flush the toxins out from your body.

6. Drink Green tea

Drink green tea as it is antioxidant and this will help to reduce the damage to muscle tissues and speed up the healing process.

Eat foods such as nuts, almonds spinach, squash and fish to make sure that you are getting enough magnesium in your diet. These mineral helps in muscle relaxation and muscle contraction.


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