Home Health Tips 6 Easy Home Remedies for Thrush

6 Easy Home Remedies for Thrush

6 Easy Home Remedies for Thrush
6 Easy Home Remedies for Thrush

What is thrush?

The problem of thrush is also known as “oropharyngeal candidiasis.” It is an oral infection that usually affects the tongue and inner area of the mouth. At the start, it’s hard to diagnose the problem in many females as they think that it’s maybe a minor infection. For such women, it is necessary to use home remedies to get rid of thrush. In this discussion, we enclose some of the best home remedies for thrush.

What causes thrush?

Common causes of the thrush include diabetes, dentures, oral antibiotics and smoking etc. This problem results in the formation of a creamy white layer on the tongue, inner cheeks and the person feel painful to swallow anything and have throat pain also. You can follow hygienic habits for the best treatment for thrush.

Home remedies for thrush

following are the some of the home remedies for thrush.

1. Treating thrush with the help of lukewarm water

The best home remedy you can follow to get rid of thrush is taken a bath with hot water. Soaking your affected area in the warm water helps to clean the affected area and also contributes to eliminating the fungus on the affected area thus committing to getting rid of this condition.

2. Salt

Salt is a natural antibacterial agent and it also has a broad range of excellent properties. Salt helps in treating the causes of thrush the beginning of the infection. Take two tablespoons of salt and mix it with warm water. Gargle your mouth several times a day and leave the saline water in your mouth for some time. This is the best to vanish the fungal growth and thus aid in treating the thrush naturally.

3. Onions

Onions are rich in sulphur compounds and have anti-fungal properties which act as a healing agent.  Chewing the raw pieces of onion for three minutes every day ensure the complete destruction of bacteria in the mouth. This is also one of the ways to reduce the growth of Candida albicans which causes thrush.

Chew pieces of the onion and try to keep the onion juice in your mouth for some time. Repeat this activity several times a day this action kills fungi and bacteria causing thrush.

4. Healing Thrush with the help of yogurt

Yogurt is one of the best home remedy used to get rid of thrush. Just apply the yogurt to the affected area several times daily. Thus yogurt helps in reducing the growth of the fungi thereby helping you to get rid of thrush.

5. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich in omega three fatty acids that are natural immune boosters. Raw flax seeds and its oil can be very beneficial in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of the body. Take one teaspoon of flax seed oil every day or chew the flax seeds to help the fungus to reduce naturally.

6. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an anti-bacterial agent and also helps to maintain the PH level in the mouth. Take one spoon of baking soda and blend it with warm water to make a mixture. Use a cotton bud to apply this paste to the mouth, gums and other affected areas. Leave this paste in your mouth for some time and repeat this process several time a day for quick treatment.

Thrush treatment for Babies and breastfeeding moms

If your child is suffering from thrush, then you have to adopt some healthy habits like cleaning bottle and your nipples regularly. Massage the inside of your child mouth with a clean, moist cloth.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, then regularly dry your nipples before breastfeeding and apply a lotion like lanolin lotion which may help to relieve nipple soreness.

Thus flowing these home remedies, you can get rid of thrush naturally. These are natural home remedies you can use in the comfort of your home. If your problem becomes severe, then consult your doctor before using these remedies.


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