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5 Natural Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

Herbs to Help Quit Smoking
Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

5 Natural Herbs to Help Quit Smoking

For some people, smoking is a habit and it is impossible to break this. Nicotine is a very addictive substance that is present in tobacco products that, are the reasons it ‘s hard to stop smoking.  Smoking can cause many damages to our health such as lung cancer mouth cancer and other related diseases. People are searching home remedies to stop tobacco, use herbs to help quit smoking.

Use herbs to help quit smoking as many people try this and found very useful. Negotiate with your doctor if it is safe for your health to take herbs as a supplement while you are quitting smoking.  Read more to know herbs to help quit smoking in easy ways by following these ways you know how to stop smoking naturally.

Herbs to help quit smoking:

Following are some herbs that are used as natural remedies to quit smoking.

1. Mimosa tea

This herb is found in tropical regions as a perennial tree or shrubby at lower altitudes. When you are going to quit smoking, this causes a headache because your body is used to with nicotine. You can use Mimosa tea as a pain reliever for a headache and it also boosts your mood. It Can only be purchased in the form of tea, this is other herbs help quit smoking.

2. Lobelia

Lobelia is one of the native herbs to quit smoking. This herb helps in relaxing and calming your body. Your desire for nicotine is controlled by using lobelia.  When you use this herb, then cigarette lose its deliciousness to help you to quit smoking.

3. Black cohosh

That is also a natural herb to help quit smoking. Women can use this remedy to help them to sustain their balance during their repeated periods. It is a powerful sedative for bouts of anxiety, restlessness, irritability and nervousness that are all associated with the smoking habit.

4. Catnip

Catnip is one of the effective herbs to help quit smoking that soothes and relaxes your digestive tract. It is also used to treat headaches, respiratory infections, diarrhea, colds, and indigestion. Catnip acts also act as an antispasmodic property that suppresses coughing and abdominal cramping.

5. Motherwort

That is another useful herb to help in quitting smoking. This herb induces relaxation in times of anxiousness.

Final words:

Drink plenty of water when you use certain natural herbs to help quit smoking. Water helps in flushing out the toxins and waste products out of our body. The best way to use herbs is firstly consulted your doctor before use to make sure that it will provide benefits to you. So simply follow these natural remedies to quit smoking as soon as possible.


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